Five Best Beard Styles By Admin

Whether you’re a hipster following the latest trends, a rugged outdoorsman or simply don’t like to shave, you probably have a beard. Beards have recently taken the men’s fashion world by storm; they’re everywhere, and there are tons of beard styles to choose from. These days, your beard is as important to your outward style as the clothes you wear. Your beard style can say a lot about you, so it’s important to choose the right one.

We’ve compiled a list of the five most fashionable beard styles of 2016. If you’re looking for a new way to style your facial locks, this list should give you a few ideas. Just keep in mind that not all beard styles are suitable for all face shapes. Make sure to choose a style that suits your particular face, natural facial hair pattern, fashion sense and grooming habits.

The Slacker Shadow
The five o’clock shadow has been a popular beard style for decades, and it’s trending once again for guys who want that “slacker” look. The irony here is that looking like you don’t care actually takes a lot of work, but at least you’ll be giving off the impression that you just don’t care. To get the slacker look, let your beard grow out slightly, then give it a close, even shave all over. You’ll have to trim your beard every day to keep this look, so be prepared for a good bit of maintenance. And if your beard grows fast, your slacker shadow might get a bit thick by five o’clock, so bring a razor with you for a quick trim in the afternoon.

The Wolverine
Women universally agree that Hugh Jackman is hot as Wolverine. You can get that same tough, rugged, sexy look women are drooling over every time they see this surly character hit the big screen. Plus, it’s one of the most popular beard styles this year. Let your sideburns grow until they meet your mustache, and keep the chin area short but slightly shaggy. This look can be worn with or without a mustache, the choice is yours. Without a mustache, the look becomes more of a take on the modern mutton chops and is more true to the fictional character the look takes its name from, but a mustache can add that extra “wild” look that attracts women to Wolverine in the first place.

The Imperial
Although it’s technically a mustache and not a beard, the imperial can be paired with any beard style to make a truly unique impression; however, it should be the centerpiece of your facial hair. The imperial consists of a long, shaped mustache that typically curls up on the ends, although you can get creative and shape it however you’d like. Simply grow your mustache continuously for three to four months, then apply beard oil to style the ends into a jaunty, debonair curl. You may have to trim the front of the mustache to keep from blocking your airway, but the ends of the mustache should be grown out for as long as necessary to achieve the proper curl.

The Portlander
Portland is a great city known for its lumber, its environmentally friendly nature and its hipsters. That’s right. When most people think of Portland, they think of heavily bearded young men wearing flannel shirts and drinking deconstructed artisan coffee out of recyclable coffee cups. Whether the stereotype is completely true or not, it is true that Portland has its share of men with extremely long, shaggy beards. And the look is in. This is one of the most popular beard styles of 2016. To achieve this look, simply grow out both your mustache and beard until it’s at least two inches longer than your chin. Then trim the beard into a stylish yet slightly unkempt point below your chin. Add a beanie and retro sunglasses and you’re all set.

The Anchor
Named for its shape, the anchor is a closely trimmed beard that extends down the jawline, gets slightly heavier at the point of the chin, then rises upwards to form a midline below the lower lip. Getting this look can be a bit tricky if you have a naturally full beard as you’ll have to cleanly shave between your lip and chin while leaving a thin line of hair at the jaw; however, it’s a great style for men with more patchy beards. It can be worn with or without a mustache and is a classic, clean look that gives the impression of both style and ease. For a little more relaxed style, trim the beard into a tidy anchor then let it grow slightly shaggy for a few days.

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