Important!! The Many Uses Of Good Beard Oil

While we’ve discussed at some great length the many benefits, both aesthetic and nutritional, of beard oil in one’s beard, there is a whole wealth of alternate uses for good beard oil that we haven’t even touched on yet. There is a very purposeful reason that Detroit Grooming Co. chose to call our particular blend of base and essential oils “Grooming Oil” rather than how so many other companies today are pigeonholing themselves into the finite realm of beard oil. We never disregard the many benefits that our oil has for your beard (in fact, that’s why we made it in the first place), but we also acknowledge the plethora of alternative for which one can use our delightful oil.


Whether you wear a beard or not, and even whether you’re a man or a woman, you are probably shaving part of your body. It may be as small a surface as the bit of neck where you’d prefer not to have any beard, or it may be as large an area as both legs, even your entire back. Where conventional store-bought shaving cream contains soap and can, in turn, leave you dry and irritated, our Detroit Grooming Co. grooming oil will have you as smooth as a new laid egg and will restore, rather than deplete, your skin’s natural moisture.

Hair Care

Of course our grooming oil works wonders in the hairs of your beard, but it also does some very nice work in the hairs on the heads of even the fairer sex. Whether it be in remediation of split ends, moisturizing overly dry hair, minimizing unruly frizz, or even perfuming what might not be the most aromatically pleasing dreadlocks, our grooming oil has a number of useful applications just in the terrain north of the ears!


Just as our grooming oil assists in alleviating dryness and irritation during shaving and on hairs both above and below your eyes, it is also a terrific nourishing balm for skin anywhere else on your body. If you happen to get dry elbows, cracked knuckles or chapped lips during the winter, then you can most definitely use our nurturing oil to sooth and repair that dry and damaged skin. And if shaving creates uncomfortable and unsightly razor bumps, then you can use our oil as not only a shave oil, but as a relieving aftershave, as well!

Leather Conditioning

Our Detroit Grooming Co. grooming oil is so versatile that you can even use it to the benefit of things not immediately part of your corporeal self! For instance, our oil makes a phenomenal leather conditioner. Trying to break in that new leather watch or camera strap? Not only will our oil infuse it with nourishing moisture, effectively softening the sturdy raw leather, but you’ll have the long lingering scent of whichever of our oils you chose to use. So, pick your favorite oil and every time you go out on a photographic expedition you’ll get to enjoy its fragrant scent!

Beards are back. Throughout history beards have gone in and out of style. In some cultures they are a sign of virility, wisdom, strength, and sexual prowess, while others see people with beards as dangerous, uncivilized, lacking in proper hygiene, or savage. No matter your reason for wanting a beard, if you are a pubescent or adult male, growing a beard is as easy as falling off a log.

Growing a beard

The ideal time to start growing a beard, is while you are on vacation. This gives your facial hair an opportunity to grow out and thicken a bit before you have to face and impress people you know. The first step in how to grow a beard is to simply let your facial hair grow out. Your genetics will decide what type of beard you will grow and how long it will take to grow. It takes the average adult male about 4 weeks to grow a healthy beard. Don’t worry about shaping or sculpting it, just let it grow,

Monitoring The Process

When they are figuring out how to grow a beard, some people document the early stages by looking in the mirror or taking selfies every few days. Whichever method you choose, just relax and let your facial hair grow. Once your beard has grown in, you can decide if what style you want. But for the first month, simply comb your new beard as it grows, relax, and enjoy the process. You don’t have to put on any special creams or use special soaps. Just let it grow.

Defining Your Beard

After about four weeks, you should have enough of a beard for you to begin deciding how you want it to be shaped and how thick you would like your beard to be. Many people have a barber or stylist define a neck line where the bottom of their beard meets the neck. Some people buy a trimmer and create the neckline themselves. Others simply let their beard grow where it will.

And there you have it. You are now the proud owner of a beard. Net, you have to decide if you want a full beard, a light beard, a partial beard, or something in between. For some people their jobs, wife, or social circle would frown on a full beard. Other people simply don’t like how they look with a full beard.

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