The Way To Prevent Hangnails When Caring For Your Cuticles

Keeping up nail appearance can be pretty tricky, especially when prone to hangnails. Anyone who has experienced a hangnail knows they can be gruesome looking.

Often they have a red appearance and can swell your finger tip. Picking at the hanging skin is a difficult thing not to do, but typically leads to it looking and feeling worse while leading to infection. Luckily there are tips that may help keep these pesky hangnails from occurring and keeping the nails looking well maintained.

First, it’s important to understand what causes them in order to prevent and reduce the number of hangnails. They tend to be most common during the winter months, when your skin is at it’s driest. Harsh chemicals will have the same effect. For those that have a habit of biting their nails, hangnails will be more common compared those who don’t bite their nails. This is because a weak nail bed will result in more hangnails. Acetone and nail Polish can both dry out the skin. Try using a acetone free nail polish remover, and remove any nail polish that gets on the finger right away.

Now that we are more educated on how hangnails occur what can we do to help put an end to them? If hangnails occur more when your hands are dry, moisturize them. Keep them moisturizer as much as possible by putting hand lotion on, or cuticle oil. Any oil will really help. I often put a little coconut oil on the bed of my nails and cuticles to keep them moisturized and strong.

Cutting your cuticles is also a big no-no, as it can result in infection and will cause those pesky hangnails. If you want to get rid of your cuticles, push them back with a cuticle removing lotion. It’s always better to push then back when moisturized, when they’re dry is when you will just make these worse and cause more hangnails.

It can be a difficult habit to break, as most habits are, but if you can avoid biting your nails you will definitely see a decrease in the number of hangnails. If you have a hangnail and are biting your nails you are aggregating the nail bed and will often times cause it to bleed. If you can’t stop biting your nails, I recommend regularly scheduled manicures. This will keep your nails healthy and pretty and more than likely will keep you from wanting to bite them.

Sometimes hangnails are just going to unavoidable. In such cases, put vitamin E oil on your beds, cuticle and hangnail. This should mostly stop the pain that often comes along with a hangnail. You’ll need to apply it multiple times a day to keep the pain away and your nails hydrated. Healing will happen much quicker using the oil and prevent another one from happening. Avoid picking at the hangnail but if necessary trim it once it’s completely moisturized to keep it from catching and causing more irritation to the nail.

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