Tips For The Ultimate Guide To Growing And Styling A Beard

To grow an awesome beard, simply put away your razor and trimmer and wait. That’s all there is to it. That being said, there is actually a lot to learn about growing a beard; if you are into style – which I know you are. I’ve created this guide for the first time beardsman who doesn’t know what to expect. I’ll help you overcome common pitfalls and issues that arise with having a beard. After reading this article; you should have all the tools you need to sport an awesome beard.

Since this will be the most epic, comprehensive article on bearding on the Internet, I’ve broken it up into three sections – Building a Beard Foundation, The Psychology of Growing a Beard, and styling and maintaining a beard. The reasons why you should grow a beard are totally up to you as an individual. I personally have found incredible friends through beard clubs, gotten tons of compliments from random strangers, and have had my career skyrocket.

Building a Beard Foundation

First, you can take supplements to make up for any deficiencies in your diet. My regiment usually consists of a multi-vitamin, biotin, and fish oil. Biotin will help your hair and nails grow faster and in other countries it’s called vitamin H for hair. In addition to these basics, you can add zinc, vitamin B (specifically B6), and magnesium. Again, all these supplements can be found through a healthy diet and aren’t necessarily required.

One of the most important attributes to growing a better beard is to boost testosterone. To do this you’ll need to eat more red meats, avoid soy-based products, and lift weights. Other good foods are: spinach, nuts, avocados, olives, broccoli, and olive oil. Brett wrote an excellent article over on Art of Manliness about naturally boosting your testosterone.

Once you have the internal stuff taken care of, you need to focus on the external tips to grow a better beard. That will mean that when growing your beard you’ll need to focus on stroking the beard rather than picking at the beard. Picking split ends, or simply focusing on single beard hairs can lead to patches, more split ends, or other damaging effects. The final thing you need is patience. Beards take time and they will get longer – you just need to wait. Hell, the best things in life take time, right?
The Psychology of Growing a Beard

The Psychology of Growing a Beard

If you are new to the beard growing process you’ll find the most challenging part being how to handle other people’s reactions. If you were left on a desert island by yourself you wouldn’t have this issue, but going for a different look with without doubt get comments from others.

The first and most difficult challenge will be communicating with those who are closest to you. I’ve found that if you ask for support from them, you’ll usually find success – especially if they are understanding and considerate of you as an individual. (If they aren’t perhaps it’s time to find someone who is more supportive – but that’s another article). I like to say something along these lines, “[Loved one], I’ve decided to grow a beard and I know it’s going to be a little bit different. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but never had the confidence to do. I’m hoping to grow it for [length of time] months and can really use your support. Please help me through my thoughts of doubt and help me reach my goal.”

You can’t please everyone; nor can you control their actions and emotions. What you can control is your own actions and emotions and you need to do things that make you happy. After a while of growing your beard, you’ll find that as you meet more and more people they will only know you as the guy with a beard. The hurdles of dealing with comments from the peanut gallery will decrease and you’ll just be who you are – an awesome man. I like to go Detroit Grooming Co’s Blog page on how to be stylish and wear a beard. With great style comes confidence, and that confidence is required to keep an awesome beard.

Styling and Maintaining (the physical)

Like I mentioned above, the best thing to do when growing a beard is to put away the razor and build your patience. In fact; one of the most impressive traits you’ll gain as a beardsman is patience. A beard is not measured in length, but it’s measured in months. You’ll have a 1 month beard, 3 month beard, yeard (year long beard), or the holy grail of beards – the terminal beard (maximum length you genetically can grow).

There are three tips for overcoming this stage of growth – 1) “man it up” and just wait. It’s only temporary and will pass shortly. 2) apply ample amounts of moisturizer like a beard oil, or other product. Try to avoid moisturizers with alcohol in there as they actually dry out your skin. 3) In the early stubble phase (day 1 or 2) use Soft Goat scruff softener. This product is designed to help make stubble softer and more touchable.

Once you get through the itchy phase, you’ll get to the point where your beard will look untidy. To neaten up your look, I recommend trimming the neckline, upper cheeks, and mustache lip. If you are going for the yeard, or natural beard, you should leave your beard untouched. At this point is when we lose the most amount of beards. Men will typically get a little ambitious with their razors, cut too much and then shave the entire thing off. Because of the risk of mistakes, I recommend waiting at least a month to trim.

We know that you’re interested in beards and the like, but sometimes you need more than a online photograph collection that seems like it’s been curated by a teenage girl. When men want to find answers to questions about their beards, they need a place to come together and get to the bottom of it, whatever it might happen to be.

Well, you’re in luck, because that is exactly what Beard Care Tips is: an open forum where anything and everything beard-related can be discussed for the sake of sharing, educating and entertaining. Essentially, it’s just a place where guys can be guys, and where they can possibly pick up a few valuable gems of knowledge in the process.

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