Upgrade Your Persona with Nail Coloring

Enhancing the look of the body is something that people have been doing since the beginning of time. People are making their body look more attractive by making tattoos and colorful designs on it for last many decades. So now, if you consider that nails were never included in the list of thing that enhances the look of an individual then you should really think again. If you notice, then even in the old time during the Mughal kingdom and even before that Indians were famous for their mehandi arts and designs on their palm and nails.

Today designing the nails have become one of the groovy way to express people’s personality and make their own style statement. The best part about nail designing is that it is not permanent like tattoos and can be removed easily. There are many ways using which you can enhance the look and beauty of your fingernails. Few of them are:

Nail Polishing
This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to express your persona. The color of the nail polish speaks about the personality of individuals. Girls who apply darker shades on their nails are considered more confident and smart compare to those who go for applying lighter shades like white, beige, pink etc.

Lighter shades signify the cool and shy nature of an individual. Your nail polish brush and nail brush are used in this method of nail art. All you need to do is to apply a base color using your nail polish brush and then making designs on it using nail brush with small and strong bristles. Using glitters can give a dazzling look to your nails. There are also stick-on available in the market which you can use for making good readymade designs on your nails.Nail Art

This is a new nail art which really jazz up the look of your nails. Marbeling requires proper mixing of the colors to give a marble look to the nails. So, it requires hell lot of patience with an intention to get the real beautiful nails. This nail art is even suitable for your office wear unless you don’t go using loud and gaudy shades of nail polish. Light colors are well suited for this nail art.

Piercing and Detailing
A huge number of youngsters are crazy for getting their body part pierced. Those who cannot take the pain of piercing can go for nail piercing.

Nail Polishing

Without giving any sort of pain, it is a best way to look stylish. But, you need to go to only professional nail artists as piercing your nails can sometimes result in chipped or brittle nails.

Nail Piercing

If you are so fond of expensive gemstones like ruby then you can really get a hoop made up of gemstone and wear it in your nails. However, it is really not that easy as it sounds. Most of us do not have that strong nails and piercing such nails is not easy. But don’t be sad. You always have an option of using acrylic nails or gel nails which you can use for your nail art. These artificial nails are really strong and any sort of art can be performed on them easily.

Nails Care
Since getting a nail art is not at all cheap, you would surely want to keep it for a long time. As a result, you need to take extra care of your finger nails. It is good to stay away from the harmful chemicals and bleach in order to protect your nails and damage from damage.

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